Reiki is a hands on energy healing technique that channels life force energy through the practitioner into the recipient, restoring balance to your physical, emotional and Spiritual self through the cleansing and restoration of the body's aura and chakra systems. This life force energy animates the physical organs and tissues providing nourishment and support of their vital functions. Reiki energy is also responsive to negative thoughts and feelings, replacing them with positive and optimistic points of view.  

Reiki is quickly becoming a widely known and accepted means of healing by doctors and hospitals all over the world. As an accompaniment to a physicians medical guidance, patients receiving regular Reiki treatments have shown dramatic improvement in recovery time and overall health, particularly those battling injury and life threatening illnesses.

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, the healing power of Reiki can reduce pain and bring your mind and Spirit back to a place of peace, love and balance.