I have cultivated a practice that is unique to who I am as a healer. Intuition and Spiritual guidance are the driving forces of my work. I use meditation to tap into your energy and create a session that is specifically catered to your needs. There will be time before the treatment to discuss your journey and prepare for the session. There will also be time after to share your experience and ask questions.

Sessions are very relaxing and peaceful.  All you have to do is lay back and open your heart to healing.  That's it.  Sessions can be done at my studio in Astoria, or I can book a treatment room near you. I can also make home or hospital visits for those who have difficulty traveling or are living in a medical care facility.  



All sessions are 90 Minutes and cost...

     * Single Session - $120

     * 5 Pack - $500

As healing is my primary focus, I am happy to offer rates on a sliding scale for those with strict budgetary requirements.  Give me a call and we can work out a plan that suits both of our financial needs.


Session Options:

  • The Standard Treatment

    • This treatment includes time to talk before and after the treatment, adding a deeper element of Spiritual healing through conversation.

  • The Silent Treatment

    • This treatment is a wonderful way to disconnect from mind chatter and align with Spirit by sharing silent presence with another human being. The only sound present will be that of calming meditative music playing in the background. All conversation happens on a phone call previous to your session. You show up in silence, and the entirety of our time together, both before and after the treatment, is spent in silence as well. This practice is a wonderful way to get out of our heads and into our hearts.

  • The Double Treatment

    • This treatment elevates the level of healing by adding an additional practitioner to your session. The healing power that illuminates from sessions with more than one practitioner present have had deeply profound effects on my clients. I will provide you a headshot and bio of a highly experienced and qualified colleague to ensure you feel comfortable and safe with everyone involved in your treatment. I am happy to add an additional practitioner to both the standard and silent treatments. An additional fee of $40 will be added for this service.

Symptoms I commonly offer healing to:

* Depression and anxiety

* Joint, muscle and arthritic pain

* Physical Injury

* Fertility struggles

* Insomnia

* Chronic illnesses; Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and ALS

* Patients on Dialysis

* Patients living in Nursing Facilities or hospitals

* Those facing end of life and their families


Reiki Groups that I host:

* Gay Men’s Health group Reiki

* Intuitive group Reiki

* Reiki swap (for fellow practitioners to offer healing to each other)