One of the most valuable aspects of my practice is being a Reiki Master Teacher.  This allows me to open the Reiki channel in others and to inspire them to discover who they are as healers. Whether you're looking to become a practitioner, add Reiki to your current healing practice or simply use the healing power for yourself, Reiki certification will bring magic to your life and the world.  Check out my upcoming classes below... 

One Day Reiki Level 1 Certification Class:

I am currently putting together my fall class schedule for 2019 and will post very soon.


Class Details:

The Reiki Level 1 class teaches students the history of Reiki and the basics on how to use Reiki.  Students will also receive their Reiki level 1 attunement.  The Reiki attunement is a sacred and Spiritual initiation that connects the initiate with higher levels of consciousness and an unlimited source of healing energy.  It heals and conditions the crown, heart and palm chakras for their use in channeling Reiki energy. 

The class will allow plenty of time for questions and to practice techniques on each other.  Students will also receive guidance on how to use Reiki both personally and professionally.  At the end of the class, students will be presented with a certificate that certifies them as a Reiki Level 1 practitioner.


Some other things you’ll learn…

* Reiki Talk - What is Reiki?  How did it start?  What can it be used for?  

* Aura, energy systems and Chakras.

* Byosen Scanning and hand positioning.

* Explanation of a standard Reiki session.  What do you need to prepare?  What does one look like?

* 30 minute practice sessions on each other.

* The business side of things.  Tips and guidance on how to get started and what to expect.

* How to be effectively be of service to clients.

* Self Care!

* Using Reiki creatively.  



Reiki Level 1 Certification costs $250 and includes a Reiki training manual. 

Other Classes: 

I also teach Reiki Levels 2, 3 and Reiki Master Teacher.  I’m happy to offer private, 1 day Reiki Certifications for all levels. 

Call or email if interested.