Several years of studying Reiki has helped me develop a healing style that is very powerful and effective.  However, I find the most valuable tool I can offer my client is to show up with love.  Simply creating time for proper rest, eating healthy foods and a constant connection to Spirit helps me manage my ego, surrender control to the universe and choose love over fear throughout my day.

I am also a graduate of the One Spirit Learning Alliance where I was ordained an Interfaith Minister in June of 2019.  One Spirit has taught me how to create a sacred space for my client that is safe, loving and peaceful.

Below is some feedback from those who have experienced my work first hand. 


“I've had Reiki sessions with Chad Lewis over several months and have experienced a significant decrease in my joint pain caused by an autoimmune condition. Additionally, in the days following each session, I've felt a profound sense of calm and tranquility. My friends, family, and even health practitioners have all noticed a positive change in my energy. Chad is a dream to work with--he's a gentle, non-judgemental spirit, and a true healer.”


“I was going through a challenging period in my life with a serious health issue when I was introduced to Reiki healing by Chad.  Our sessions were extremely helpful to me in generating a sense of well being and energy that enabled me to move forward during a difficult time.  During our sessions Chad inspired a caring environment for me to share and understand my thoughts, experiences and feelings.  The sessions generated an emotional and spiritual connection which was remarkable and left me with a renewed sense of self.  Chad is a kind, thoughtful and generous person who had my best interests at heart.”



“Chad is phenomenal! I was experiencing constant and severe pain in my left shoulder for almost a year. Mere moments after Chad worked on me, the pain was gone completely. I have not experienced any pain in that area since then and it has been a year! Chad is sensitive, supportive and radiates love. It was a thoroughly healing experience and improved my wellbeing both physically and emotionally.”


“There was my life before Chad, there is now my life after.  I tell every friend I can about how this man entered and changed my life, and it was so clearly divine intervention.  Our first session (we've had three so far..), Chad and I wept together afterwards.  He shifted something in me and allowed me to see myself clearer than I had since my childhood.  I'd been so clouded, so coded for so many decades, and it was if he lifted the thick veil.  Since then, I have had some of the most fulfilling years of my life.  It set me on a path of self-exploration, rekindling and specifying my connection to God and Universe and most importantly, sharpened my intuition.  I am now clearer and more grateful than every before in my adult life.  I am eternally grateful to Chad and cannot wait for our next session.”



"Chad made a believer out of me.  For several months I had a tingling sensation in my arm that started cropping up as I sat at a desk all day working.  I attempted various things to alleviate my symptoms but nothing worked.  I'd never tried reiki before but hoping that I might benefit, I booked an appointment with Chad.  After the session I didn't immediately feel relief, but several days later while sitting at work I noticed that my symptoms had vanished and my arm was back to normal.  I completely attribute this healing to the reiki session because that was the only factor that had changed in my routine.  Six weeks later I still have no symptoms. Thank you Chad!!"



“Chad is the best Reiki Master one can find.  He is so welcoming, with a pure and bright Spirit that is contagious and full of Love.  He is honest in his nature and in his practice.  He listens generously which allowed me to feel immediately comfortable and connected to him.  During the reiki session I felt a burst of creative energy and inspiration (hard to describe!), and the days following our session I felt more open with an increased awareness, connectedness and appreciation of all that surrounds us.  Chad is professional and takes his practice seriously.  The energy that Chad channels is sacred.  It has deep meaning for him, which is transcended to his clients.  Without a doubt, I will continue sessions with Chad and highly, highly recommend him to anyone looking for a breath of fresh air and a dose of delightfulness!!”



“Chad is a true healer, a bright energy and gentle practitioner!  His professionalism and knowledge imbue his work and allows the client to feel at ease and safe throughout the healing sessions.  As a teacher he is energetic and bright, attentive and careful.  I would encourage anyone with an interest in Reiki Energy Healing to contact Chad for a session, or perhaps work with him to learn Reiki and become a compassionate energy worker themselves.  You will be so happy you chose to work with Chad!”



“A truly gifted and talented teacher, healer and all around remarkable human being!  He creates an environment that is safe and inviting as well as sacred, helping all of my worries fall away and opening my heart to the power of reiki healing.  Chad is also just fun & funny, a pure delight to be around!  This is a man whose light is shining incredibly bright, whose gifts are palpably powerful & whose vibrant joy for life is contagious!  The attunement to Reiki Level 1 I received from him has had an incredible impact on my daily life and I would highly recommend his classes or private session to anyone & everyone!”



“Chad Lewis is a remarkable healer and Reiki practitioner.  His generous spirit embraces and appreciates each person who comes to his sessions.  He works with brilliant intuitive insight to nurture you on your path to wholeness and wellness.”



“Chad's spirit reaches out in the warmest, gentlest of embraces as he works through spirit to guide health, compassion, and love into your deepest existence. I've felt uplifted, encouraged, and at ease after every session.  All the love.”