The goal of this project is to inspire healing in others by sharing my own healing journey.  The videos below are a documentation of that process during the 40 days leading up to my 40th birthday.  They are a wonderful insight into who I am and how I work.        



Day 40 - My 40's, Day 1

And...I'm 40. So far, this decade is off to a great start, largely in thanks to YOU!!!





Day 39 - Help Me Help People

Help me spread the love so that loads of people can have access to the 40 Days of Healing!!!  Copy and Paste this link 40 Days of Healing to your email or social media page please!!!  Let's get the healing power out there together!!!          

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Day 38 - Helped People Help People

You don't have to have a Master's Degree in Psychology to help people. A smile or listening ear could have an enormous ripple effect in the world that you'd never even know.   

      *** See Day 19             





Day 37 - The Canoe of Gratitude

Today I'm choosing to be grateful for all of it. Good, bad, up, all has power and meaning in it's own way.





Day 36 - The Sweet Embrace of a Tree

We can learn SOOOO much from nature...if we just take time to connect and listen to it.





Day 35 - The Great Reiki Giveaway

In honor of my final certification as a Reiki Master Teacher, I would like to offer free Reiki level 1 certification to anyone who's interested. I want to share the Reiki love with as many people as possible.





Day 34 - Ida In Wonderland

Life is short y'all.  Let's love each other please!!!  This one's for you Ida.  

      *** See Day 21 and Day 23

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Day 33 - Where Are My Beloveds?

Sometimes, when you stop trying to find something, you'll discover that it's right there staring back at you!!!  





Day 32 - Twelve Steps Forward

Healing is a domino effect.    





Day 31 - The Cost of Healing

It's important to find balance between giving and receiving. There is plenty of room for being of service to others, but it's also important to be of service to yourself, even with money.      





Day 30 - Ummmm....???

Just be where you're at.  That's ok!!!           





Day 29 - Sunflower Power

You have the power to change the world already within you, all you have to do is believe in yourself enough to make it happen!!!

      *** See Day 4                

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Day 28 - I Can

Sometimes the waters become muddy and unclear.  But if we find strength and faith while the mud settles, we'll discover an even greener landscape waiting for us on the other side.    

      *** See Day 17             





Day 27 - This Is What It's All About

When we come from our hearts and not from our egos, we have the true power to change the world!

    *** See Day 4                





Day 26 - Tammy's Stone

Tammy is constantly reminding me of one simple thing...PATIENCE!!!  She shows me every single day that everything we need is in the works and will be presented to us when the time is right!!! 





Day 25 - Marching for Love...Another Perspective

I enjoy living in a naive bubble of love, believing that I can heal the world through love.  And I'm grateful for the opportunity to practice being courageous enough to say so.  

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Day 24 - Can I get an AMEN up in here?!?

To quote RuPaul..."If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love someone else.  Can I get an AMEN up in here?!?"






Day 23 - AM Radio

Sometimes a little bit can go a LONG way and literally change someone's life!!!





Day 22 - Sabbath

I've been running around putting loads of energy into this campaign and completely lost sight of self care.  Good thing there's a commandment to remind me.  So I'm taking a break today!!!





Day 21 - Let Go and Let the Love Flow

It's amazing how much we let in simply by letting go.  Keep shedding those layers and let the true essence of yourself shine.  Love.





Day 20 - Half way to 40!!!

I thought I was creating a campaign to help heal the world.  Maybe I'm also healing myself in the process.  





Day 19 - I'm Listening

So often I think healing has to do with words, somehow I need to explain or convince someone to see a different perspective.  But sometimes, achieving this requires no words at all. 

    *** See Day 3




Day 18 - I Surrender

Holy's AMAZING how magical the world becomes when you completely surrender every belief, concept and expectation that lives in your brain and submerge yourself in truth, love and life.  

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Day 17 - I Can't

Sometimes making the best decision for you is actually the best decision for everyone else!!! 





Day 16 - Hail Mary Ann

To learn more about the role of a Death Doula, click the "WHAT I DO" tab above and select End Of Life Care.  





Day 15 - Silence Speaks Volumes

What does your silence say to the world?





Day 14 - Pain

What do we do when we get triggered?  When we experience pain?  Do you project it onto others in negative ways?  Or do we find a way to love our way through it?  And how do you do that?  It's a work in progress.





Day 13 - Knees

If you're a woman in the New York City area struggling with Breast Cancer, please click this link You Can Thrive.  Or click the "CALL ME" tab above and send me an email.  I'm happy to help connect you to this AMAZING organization.  It's a spectacular group of supportive women!!!





Day 12 - OMG...I Worked a Funeral...and I Liked it!!!

Stage Manager + End of LIfe Care = Funeral Director???  Who Knew?1?





Day 11 - Oops, I forgot to mention...

I just dove right in without sharing a bit about who I am and what my healing journey is all about.  So here it bio.    





Day 10 - The Magic Bowl of Cereal

Life is saturated in magic.  All we have to do is open our eyes wide enough to see it!





Day 9 - I Can Walk

Jonathan Hammond is one of my most beloved Spiritual teachers.  This story was completely inspired by him and melts my heart.  Click here to learn more Shamanism and how to use it in your Spiritual practices.  

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Day 8 - They Can't Hear You

Sometimes, the way to help people isn't through words, it's through your heart.  Here's one way to do that.  





Day 7 - In the Tao

Life can actually be quite simple.  Even when we're not feeling it.  All we have to do is get in the natural flow of the Tao.  That's it.  





Day 6 - Healing on the Job

Be courageous!!!  Practice healing at work please.  And inspire others to do the same.  It will be a much more fun, productive and healthy environment for everyone.  I promise!!!





Day 5 - From Frazzled to Free

If you're a woman in the New York City area struggling with Breast Cancer, please click this link You Can Thrive.  Or click the "CALL ME" tab above and send me an email.  I'm happy to help connect you to this AMAZING organization.  It's a spectacular group of supportive women!!!





Day 4 - Flower Power

This one hit home for me.  I know this mans journey all too well.  For pics of the flowers and more info on knitting as a healing modality, click the "WHAT I DO" tab above and select "KNITTING." 





Day 3 - Energy Healing Bronx Style!

I ADORE this man.  He is so sweet and so open and has a heart of gold.  





Day 2 - How Would Jesus Drive?

Yes...Even in the car, we can add love and healing to the world!!!

Check out this article in the Times that inspired healing in our class.

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Day 1 - The Big Launch!

40 Days of Healing is a campaign inspired by my 40th birthday.  The goal of the campaign is to spread healing and love into the world 1 day at a time and also to pick up a few birthday bucks to help pay for school in the process.